Railroads in Tennessee

This is a page to launch me into further investigation. I am trying to get some on-line documentation on the railroads located in the state of Tennessee. I have started by using maps to locate as many railroads as I possibly could.

Below is a list of the major railroads that pass through the state :

Class 1 Railroads


AMTRAK makes two stops in Tennessee. It stops at Memphis and near Dyersburg. These stops are made by the "City of New Orleans" on its run between Chicago and New Orleans. AMTRAK is using Illinois Central trackage.
Most of the above railroads are well known to the railfan public. I am more interested in making available information on the many shortline railroads in Tennessee. I am starting to document these lines so that others may enjoy them as I intend to do over the next few years. I make no promises that all of these railroads are still in existence or that any information that I provide is accurate. This information is based solely on observation and freely available information.

Short Lines in Tennessee

East Tennessee

Middle Tennessee

West Tennessee

Railroad attractions in Tennessee
I am in the process to going through pictures of these shortlines and picking examples to scan and put on-line. I don't have pictures of many of these shortlines outside of middle Tennessee. If you have any pictures that you would like to contribute to this documentation project, I will be happy to have your assistance. If you don't have a way to scan them, you can send me email ( to obtain an address to which you can mail a copy of your pictures. I can't return them, however so please send copies. If you have scanned images, I can provide a place for them to be deposited for addition to the collection. Also if you have additional information about any of these railroads please send me a message so that I can include it here.
I wish to thank the company of my friend (Mark Bailey) Jobsoft Design & Development, Inc. for providing me with the space to carry out this project.